Producing Better Beverages in Milwaukee Requires Better Beverage Equipment

Milwaukee beverage equipment

Milwaukee is a discerning city with discerning tastes. The people here look for a better quality drink whether it is in sodas, juices, or any cold beverage. Can we offer a suggestion? Maybe it’s not just the drinks that make the difference. We believe that better equipment can produce better drinks.

Two Brothers Beverage Company is dedicated to satisfying Milwaukee’s demand for better drinks. Not only do we offer high-quality, locally-produced syrups and concentrates, we provide a better resource for getting those drinks from the bar to the glass.

Consider soda as an example. We proudly produce Brew City, a bag-in-box syrup made with 100% real sugar. We also provide the soda guns and equipment to complete the system.

Beer is a specialty of ours as well. Our beer equipment is ready with everything you need. We have faucets, draft towers, fittings, couplers, beer lines cooled by glycol, regulators and a whole bunch of other fancy equipment. All that means for you is that your pour will be smoother, more consistent, and always the right temperature.

We just believe better drinks come from better beverage equipment. Milwaukee deserves a good beverage. Milwaukee deserves Two Brothers Beverage Company, a local beverage equipment provider to trust and depend upon for a better beverage.