Brew City Nitro Coffee

Brew City Nitro Cold Coffee is truly a collaboration of three Milwaukee based companies that have come together to produce the best nitro cold coffee available.

First, when creating any coffee beverage everything starts with the bean selection.  Our single sourced bean selection is imported by Imperial Coffee Roasters and these beans are roasted weekly by a roastmaster who has bean roasting for over 40 years.

Second, we have partnered with an excellent local brewery, Broken Bat Brewery, to assist in the production of this product that meets the high standards of quality brewing.

Finally, Two brothers Beverage Company will provide the necessary installation, service and distribution.  Together, all of our Milwaukee based companies have come together to produce Brew City Nitro Cold Coffee.  Our bean selection and process produces a non bitter cold coffee that is smooth, velvety with a hint of chocolate.  There is no need to add sugar or cream as the coffee beans provide this for you naturally.