Milwaukee Soda Equipment

All the Equipment You Need For Superior Soda

There’s more to soda than just bubbles, water, and syrup. It takes a lot of behind the scenes equipment to ensure the perfect soda experience every time.

At Two Brothers Beverage Company, we provide everything you need to serve the soda your customers crave.

  • Soda Guns
    The classic soda dispenser that lets you pick between flavors.
  • McCann Carbonator
    The piece of equipment you need to add fizz to your drinks.
  • Bag-in-Box Systems
    A classic storage solution where syrups rest neatly inside a cardboard box.
  • Flojet Soda Pumps
    Designed for accurate and reliable dispensing of Bag-in-Box syrups.
  • Iced Bins
    To keep your cans and bottles cool and refreshing.